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Dead Mouse

An engineer of a large computer outsourcing company received a call to attend to a "dead mouse" problem at a vehicle test track somewhere in the UK. He obtained as many spares as he thought would be necessary and proceeded out to the site.

On arrival he was taken to a small hut on the far side of the test track and told that the computer with the "dead mouse" was inside. The engineer lokked at the computer and informed the member of the test tracks staff that it was an old model that didn't come with a mouse.

The member of staff looked confused and said "I know, we have a dead mouse take a look inside". The engineer proceeded to dismantle the computer and inside was a very dead mouse of the rodent kind. It turned out that the previous evening the mouse had crawled insied the computer through a missing back plate and proceeded to go to sleep in the warm interior.

The following morning when a member of the test track staff arrived the mouse had woken startled, gone to the toilet and promptly electrocuted itself.

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